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The right Building Energy Management System (BEMs) will save both money and energy by consistently monitoring energy use, CIBSE estimate the right BEMs when correctly maintained can result in an energy saving of up to 20%. The BEMs will also help with fault prevention and diagnosis. This constant energy monitoring allows the client to meet its legislative, social and corporate responsibilities whilst also allowing the operators to monitor plant performance and spot any anomalies in how the plant/software is performing. By spotting these anomalies early, we can carry out repairs quickly before they start to cost time, money and energy. Energy monitoring allows clients to see exactly how the energy they are paying for is being used and allows us to formulate the best plans for maximizing building performance whilst saving energy and money. 

A BEMS can provide much more than a simple standalone system; Provision of key management information, remote operation, interrogation and alarm monitoring and greater flexibility with a wide range of controllers to name a few.

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