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Whilst BEMs traditionally only control the HVAC system, with 3rd party integration it is possible to control any packaged units, Under Floor heating, window/lighting control and building access from the BMS.

The major benefit of having all on these components on one fully integrated system is that we can monitor and control all aspects of the buildings energy consumption – we could save more energy and money as we affect more components.

The major benefit for the end user other than money and energy savings is the ease of use. The clients will be left with one central system to control all aspects of their building rather than using a variety of different platforms.

With an integrated system, that is web enabled, it is possible to create the opportunity to offer remote services, thus meaning we can offer more efficient and cost-effective services. With remote access we can offer;

  • Remote service

  • Remote diagnosis

  • Software alternations/upgrades

  • Quicker response times

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