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Real Control Solutions (as the name suggests), was founded based on providing quality commitments to our clients.  These being…

  1. A Real Control Solution – whatever the requirement.

  2. Honesty and Integrity.

  3. Open and Cost Effective Energy Efficient Solutions based on the clients need.

  4. High Quality Solutions with time testing longevity.

  5. Do whatever is needed to complete the job.


We have a passion to help our clients succeed and with a great understanding of the Energy and Building Services market, we can help make this happen.

Founded in 2011, we have grown to become a recognised and alternative supplier to the mainstream organisations, utilising highly skilled energy focussed engineers.

Our solutions will significantly reduce the levels of energy consumption, increase profitability and help reduce carbon footprint to meet environmental regulations.


With clients now having a wide and varied range of digital assets, we look to help integrate these with our IT integration solutions and thus assist in the energy optimisation and compliance regulations that naturally fall into this ever increasing technology.

About Us 

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