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Energy Services

We can provide software that carries out constant energy benchmarking and analysis which will help the client manage energy, analyse how that energy is used and allow them to optimise site performance.

No matter the size of a site, an energy service can be offered to suit our clients’ requirements. Some key advantages of having an energy monitoring system are:

- Being able to rank different areas of a site showing which areas are consuming the most energy giving an indication on where the largest saving can be made.

- Analysing peak demand times within different areas of a building/group of sites.

- Analysing an areas base load enabling the user to understand where they are using energy when the building is not in operation.

These properties can be individually customised and designed to a bespoke criteria set by the client.

The system can be set up to carry out regular custom reports. These reports can be automatically saved to a safe location on a PC/server or automatically emailed out on an interval that meets the user’s needs. They are easily digested due to simple graphs and charts that the system automatically produces and puts into the report.

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